Lifestyle Wellness

Your bio-individuality makes you a one-of-a-kind, and from this perspective, we work with you to get to the root cause of your particular health issues to promote wellness.

From Nutrition Counseling planned around your unique physiology based on your genetic makeup to Lifestyle Coaching to Medical Massage, we do it all. The healing starts when our caring professionals examine what is going on inside your body and how to optimize your diet and lifestyle factors to boost your health and vitality and manage chronic pain.

Nutritional Counseling

Don’t let weight or stress affect your health or your ability to live an active life. We have highly trained professionals here to help you make some lasting changes.

Lifestyle Coaching

Our wellness coach helps you assess your current physical and emotional state, and helps you set goals for what you want to achieve in your overall wellness and health.

Massage Therapy

If you are living with chronic pain or an untreated injury, IgniteRx Medical Fitness has a physician, physical therapist, plus several skilled massage therapists on staff to serve you.

We’ll put together a plan designed just for you and your lifestyle. Schedule Today!

Nutrition Counseling

Our Nutrition plans are designed around your unique physiology based on your genetic makeup and how it can be adapted to promote wellness. We teach you how to optimize your diet and lifestyle factors to boost your health and vitality.

Through our tools and frameworks, we can gain better insight into your individual health challenges and inform you of ways to overcome them.

Lifestyle Coaching

If you are ready to change the course of your life, a lifestyle coach can help you reach your goals. A lifestyle coach can offer nutrition counseling and advice to help you make more healthful choices. A proper exercise regimen and a healthy diet can help you feel better about yourself and get you’re ready to have a better quality of life.

When you make a consultation with a lifestyle coach at IgniteRx Medical Fitness, you will discuss your goals with them and what you hope to accomplish with their assistance. We will outline how exactly you can reach your potential and the reality of the challenges that might impede your progress. A life coach focuses on changing behaviors by helping you develop your strengths and abilities.

Massage Therapy

You can expect our experienced massage therapists to assess your problem efficiently. Our medical professionals will propose a course of treatment to address your chronic pain and or untreated injury comprehensively. We offer many different types of massage therapy to our Temecula clients, such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and sports massage. IgniteRx Medical Fitness has an array of expert physicians and practitioners on staff.

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