Your health and wellness are of utmost importance to us. Allow our caring professionals to put together your personal road map to health using the latest medical wellness services. Our comprehensive health assessment designed to provide a quick and easy way to learn about your health and how to improve it. After completing the health assessment, you’ll get a report that includes recommended actions.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

With age, both women and men can suffer a variety of ailments due to a hormone imbalance. We’re proud to be a leader in the BioTE Medical method of hormone replacement therapy, restoring your body’s proper hormone levels.

Regenerative Medicine

Through regenerative medicine, tissue, or organs that have been damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital issues can be repaired. We offer the latest treatments such as Nerve Hydrodissections, Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate, Placental tissue Matrix, and PRP.

Specialty Procedures

As specialists in IV Katamine Therapy, we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest specialty procedures. Take the Stellate Ganglion Block, for example, which can be very effective to those who are experiencing pain in the head, neck, chest, or arm.

IV Therapies

If you feel sluggish or need to boost your immune system, we may recommend IV nutraceuticals or IV NAD for patients. Allow our caring professionals to tailor your treatment plan based on your symptoms.

Men Primary Care

Men should consider being proactive about their health with preventive care; they can extend life expectancy and improve the overall quality of life. The doctors at IgniteRX who specialize in assessing men’s health are ready to help you.

Women Primary Care

IgniteRX is committed to providing the highest standard of care, promoting the physical and emotional well-being of women and empowering them to maintain good health, participate in their care, and bring new life into the world.

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Lifestyle Wellness

From Nutrition Counseling planned around your unique physiology based on your genetic makeup to Lifestyle Coaching to Medical Massage, we do it all. The healing starts when our caring professionals teach you what is going on inside your body and how to optimize your diet and lifestyle factors to boost your health and vitality and get rid of chronic pain.

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