Primary Care

Primary Care includes clinical preventive services, first-contact treatment for services, and on-going Care for commonly encountered medical conditions. Our examinations seek to recognize early symptoms of severe disease, distinguish between self-limited illnesses and problems requiring further medical intervention. We utilize experienced clinical providers to record time-efficient histories, perform complete physicals, develop diagnoses, and identify a personalized medical plan with the patient. We provide screening and counseling to prevent disease and use therapeutic communication to discuss results and evaluate the best course(s) of action for the patient.

Patient problems within all body systems, and other common problems (fever, pain, psychosocial, nutrition, infections, etc.), are included in the management of Primary Care. The level of care provided may be for acute and episodic conditions, chronic conditions, AND health care maintenance and prevention. We emphasize continuity, integration, comprehensive care, and patient satisfaction.

Sometimes you need to be evaluated the same day we attempt to meet same-day requests. If we can’t get you in, we will help you get to the next appropriate level of care.

Some time-sensitive services we offer include

  • Diagnosis/treatment/triage of minor medical emergencies or allergic reaction
  • Upper Respiratory Infections, cough, allergies, flu, earaches, sore throat
  • Basic wound care and other skin conditions
  • Management of respiratory infections and treatment of mild asthma exacerbation
  • Urinary tract infections or other minor abdominal pain
  • Other minor infections or painful conditions
  • Physical exams including, school, sports participation, TB screening, TD vaccine, pre-employment, DMV/DOT/FMCSA, pre-operative for low to moderate risk surgeries
  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections

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